Hooray; the proposal was approved!

Wow, the XO Contributor’s program approved my request, at least for a starter kit with two refurbished XO-1 laptops. I feel really guilty now for sending them such a long proposal; I think it was considerably more detail than they needed but forgot a few key items like target age group and whether it’s a public or private school. (Middle School, ages 11-14 roughly, and my test will be in a public school.)

You can read their deliberations and decisions at http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Contributors_program/October_15,_2010.

I’m excited beyond words, and amazed by the speed at which things moved. I think I’m too used to working through a hundred levels of bureaucracy just to sharpen a pencil.

Laptops should be shipping in a week. I think I need to take a crash course in XO Community so I can be sure I return as much value as possible from my endeavors. Also, they asked several more questions in the discussion that I need to answer.

Now all I have to do is go forward. No worries, right?


About alboss

I'm a Web developer by day, with my roots in urban community health development. My wife can say "I believe my liver is diseased" in 21 different languages, even though her liver is not diseased. My son first Rickrolled me when he was ten; he has definitely uncoupled the Heisenberg compensators on my life. My house is run by two cats.
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