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I'm a Web developer by day, with my roots in urban community health development. My wife can say "I believe my liver is diseased" in 21 different languages, even though her liver is not diseased. My son first Rickrolled me when he was ten; he has definitely uncoupled the Heisenberg compensators on my life. My house is run by two cats.

First impressions

Our two loaner OLPCs arrived toward the end of October. We are familiarizing ourselves with them as time permits. I got off to a fine start when I had to Google how to even open the thing up. The on-board … Continue reading

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Hooray; the proposal was approved!

Wow, the XO Contributor’s program approved my request, at least for a starter kit with two refurbished XO-1 laptops. I feel really guilty now for sending them such a long proposal; I think it was considerably more detail than they … Continue reading

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One laptop per twice-exceptional child?

This blog will catalog our efforts to test whether laptops can assist academically gifted students who have learning disabilities with the traditional challenges that accompany that combination of diagnoses. The first step is to see if we can obtain some … Continue reading

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